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Become a licensed mortgage lender with our online training courses and start your real estate career in any of the 50 U.S. states across the nation!  We provide all the training you need to begin helping home buyers purchase their dream house and to approve home owners for refinance equity loans.

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Online Training for NMLS Licensing

mortgage license education with RealtyPro Academy

NMLS Approved

Accepted by the NMLS (ID Number 1400214) to fulfill the SAFE Act regulations. We offer licensing courses for U.S. mortgage lenders nationwide and in all 50 states.

No Hidden Expenses

We submit your completion record to the NMLS and we even pay the NMLS $1.50 per credit hour fee on your behalf (other providers charge separately).  Plus, the course times are accurate; a two-hour course takes exactly...wait for it... two hours!  

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Online Mortgage Licensing Courses


Interested in getting licensed in a new state for mortgage lending? We offer NMLS approved mortgage pre-licensing courses at the national level, as well courses in all 50 states. So regardless if you’re getting licensed in 1 state or several, Learn Mortgage has you covered.

Choose from our convenient course packages or select individual courses as you see fit. Created by top industry experts, our flexible course offerings allow you to complete your pre-licensing educational requirements easily and successfully. 

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CompuCram® is the only exam prep system available on the market today that integrates vocabulary tools, practice testing and comprehensive simulated exams into an “all-in-one” solution. The revolutionary Readiness Indicator™ gives continuous feedback as you study - ensuring that you pass the first time.

Over 500,000 students have passed their exam the first time using CompuCram®. Our mortgage lending exam prep products provide a comprehensive learning experience to ensure that your new MLOs can effortlessly pass their SAFE MLO-National + UST test.

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 Conveniently complete your mortgage continuing education requirements with our comprehensive and hassle-free online courses and webinars. With NMLS approved courses created by leading industry professionals, we ensure that you’re getting the highest quality content in a delivery method that works with your busy schedule. Not only do we offer national mortgage continuing education courses, but for all 50 states as well. So regardless of which state you’re trying to complete your required CE for, we have you covered. 

We also offer LATE CE courses for those who missed the deadline for submission.

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Why CompuCram®?


Our simulated exam mirrors the experience of taking the real thing! Our exams are timed and feature the same number of questions in each category as the actual exam. Once you master our test, you will be prepared to pass the SAFE MLO-National + UST exams. 


Assess your knowledge with our exclusive Pre-Assessment. We will guide your study so that you can optimize your time with the areas you need to focus on. 


CompuCram features the most up-to-date MLO questions written by industry experts. 


Our Readiness Indicator tracks your progress with the study vocabulary, practice tests and simulated exams. We will give you the green light when you are ready to take your exam! 


Over 500,000 students have passed their exam the first time using CompuCram. Save time and resources by trusting the industry’s best exam prep solution. 


With a beautifully designed mobile and tablet-friendly interface, you can study and prepare for your exam on any device - anytime, anywhere. 

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Mortgage License

Getting licensed in a new state or need continuing education?

Licensing requirements vary by state for both mortgage pre-licensing and continuing education. Please visit the NMLS website to view state licensing requirements.

NMLS Approved

All our courses are approved by the NMLS. You can find us on their list of approved providers as the Association of Mortgage Educators, ID # 1400214 and fulfill the regulations required by the SAFE Act.

Flexible and Convenient Course Options

Choose from online, webinar, or private live classes. We give you the option to complete your mortgage education in the delivery method that makes the most sense for you as an MLO.

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Reliable Technology

Never worry about your online classes crashing. Our platform is so stable and reliable that you’ll never have to fear tech issues holding up your course completion!

Licensing Support Services

We know obtaining your loan originator license on your own can be a daunting task, so Learn Mortgage has partnered with The Mortgage Licensing Group (MLG) to provide licensing support services to our students. 

MLG will guide you through the process, prefill all of your application forms, and make sure your NMLS record is pristine to ensure you’re approved as quickly as possible. 

Dedicated Representative

While our courses are effortless to take, we’re still available to help you when and if you need it. You’ll have a Learn Mortgage rep dedicated to your account who’s just a phone call away.

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