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Are you passionate about real estate, but not not really into selling or showing homes?  Does organizing paperwork, people & deadlines excite you?  Do you wish to work from home, and don't know where to start? 


If you answered YES to these questions then you’re in the right place. The Transaction Coordinator Academy has been created to help those who are passionate about real estate, yet not into “sales”. Be a part of the process helping agents, sellers, and buyers get to the closing table smoothly.

Becoming a Transaction Coordinator starts with a basic knowledge of real estate, a passion for helping others, and training exclusively in the process and procedures.

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Complete Program & Certification

Become a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator!

The Transaction Coordinator Academy is the brainchild of founder Michelle Spalding. Years ago someone told her “you should teach this.”

The Transaction Coordinator Academy, or TCA for short, is the place for professional training, resources, and support exclusively for transaction coordinators. With a wide variety of training options, individuals seeking to start a career as a professional transaction coordinator, deepen their skills, or even transform their career into a business will find the resources needed to accomplish their goals.

Here at the TCA we’re constantly adding courses, programs, and resources so check in often.

Courses & Coaching

Transaction Coordinator Essentials


This course is designed to help someone with limited experience in real estate learn to successfully manage a transaction from contract to close. Experienced transaction coordinators will also find information to help them improve their skills and work smarter, not harder.

Cost: $ 249.00

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Transaction Coordinating as a Business


In this course you’ll learn how to successfully turn your career as a transaction coordinator into a business. Find out what it takes to be a business owner, how to find clients, manage operations, and much much more.

Cost: $ 299.00

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Simple Marketing Solutions (Mini Course)

In this course, you’ll learn simple online, offline and in person marketing techniques that work.

Cost: $ 88.00

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Group Coaching & Mastermind

Training & Support Exclusively for Independent TCs

Being a Transaction Coordinator is a rewarding career, but it is also stressful and challenging at times. When you add to that the desire to create a thriving business from your career choice, the challenges and stress can really pile on.

I’m guessing you already know all this and this is why you’re on this page. 

Maybe a friend or colleague told you about my program and thought it could help you. Or a Google search brought you here, maybe after a late night search for solutions to challenges you’re experiencing in your business that are blocking you from having the life you truly want and deserve.

One on One Coaching

 Individual Support for Maximum Results

You are passionate about your work and have big dreams. You’re working hard, likely too hard, and yet you have not been able to create what you want. And like many you’re wondering, “why not?”

Well, truth be told, if you keep looking at things the same way and doing things the same way, you’ll get the same results. It’s just that simple.

Coaching can help you break through the barriers that are blocking your success and speed up the achievement of your goals.

VIP Mastermind Intensive

 Fast Track Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges

This half-day VIP program is designed to help the client define their big vision and create steps to achieve it. It’s just you and me working on creating a plan to give you the business you want. As an entrepreneur your unique gifts and talents are at the forefront of all consulting sessions.

Clients who choose a VIP Intensive leave with a well-defined plan to achieve a specific goal, or we can create your unique big vision. Sessions are 3.5-4 hours long and take place in Michelle’s comfy office in the West Chicago Suburbs or via video conferencing and include a 30-day follow-up coaching call.

Instructor: Michelle Spalding

Meet Your Instructor

Michelle began her career as a real estate paralegal in Central Florida in 1995, later becoming a real estate broker and eventually in 2005 opening Transaction Management Consultants, LLC.

Over the years Michelle has been sought out for training and coaching to others wishing to start a career as a transaction coordinator or grow their existing coordinating business. The training, consulting, and coaching services offered at the Transaction Coordinator Academy stem from Michelle’s 22+ years of experience in the real estate industry coordinating transactions.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Michelle has lived in various places around Florida, Louisiana, and now lives with her family in the West Chicago Suburbs in Illinois. She is a proud mother of two grown boys and one daughter, and recently became a Grandmother, or “GiGi” as she is affectionally known to the Grand-Ginger Princess. When the work day is done, Michelle can often be found enjoying live music, reading a book, or indulging in ‘Taco Tuesday’ with friends and family.

In 2015, Michelle published her long-awaited book, The Road from Contract to Close: How to Successfully (and Easily) Manage the Details without Losing Your Mind – Or Your Clients!